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A particular electronic document interchange (EDI) set or Purchase EDI Order 850 is transaction information used by the business owners while placing orders for any kind of goods and/or services. It is used in the supply chain management to generate documents in a particular format so that the business partners can easily understand the details of an order.


What is PO – 850?

On preferring such EDI integration in the supply chain ERP system, it becomes a lot easier to handle a bulk of orders with the utmost convenience. EDI 850 is the most popular among business owners in the retail, warehousing, FMCG, and other industries.

EDI 850 typically does not suffice the standards. It will need the EDI invoice 810 and advance shop notice 856 to comply with the industry standards and maintain a proper flow of information among the business partners.

What information is enlisted in EDI 850?

It all depends on the agreement between two trading partners. A Purchase Order 850 for B2B transaction generally has the following information.

  • Purchase Order Number
  • Order date
  • List of locations where the orders will be supplied
  • Delivery and shipment date
  • The identification code for products and services such as GTIN, EAN, UPC, etc along with the product quantity in each order
A trading partner can request for the following information as an additional request.
  • Service levels and carrier
  • Unique vendor number
  • Expected allowances and/or charges
  • Item identifiers such as vendor part number and buyer item number
  • Description of the items in the shipment
  • Additional dates such as cancellation dates

When is PO 850 required?

When a vendor or a trading partner requires a specific set of information before an order is dispatched, a particular format is followed by the other trader using the EDI integrated platform in the ERP system. A requested set of information along with the mandatory set is sent digitally to the trading partners. It is also a customary industry practice that traders follow to manage their orders and maintain proper communication with other entities.

It helps both the trading partners to put an order and accept it. The electronic document interchange platform enables them to exchange information instantly and quicken the process.

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