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The PO-850 transaction set is a standardized electronic document used in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems. It enables businesses to efficiently place orders for goods or services with their trading partners. The 850 transaction set includes information such as product descriptions, quantities, prices, delivery details, and payment terms. It simplifies the procurement process, reduces errors, and improves communication between trading partners.


Overview of PO–850?

The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 850, known as the Purchase Order (PO) transaction set, is an essential tool for businesses. It's a standardized electronic document that conveys order details to vendors, facilitating seamless transactions. With clear product descriptions, quantities, prices, and delivery schedules, the EDI 850 provides accuracy and efficiency. It adheres to ANSI standards, providing uniformity and compatibility across systems, making it indispensable for modern supply chain management.

Important Information in EDI 850?

The EDI 850 transaction set mirrors the details found in a traditional paper purchase order. It includes:

  • Purchase Order (PO) Number
  • Order Date
  • Requested Shipping and/or Delivery Date
  • Vendor Information (Name, Address, Contact Details)
  • Buyer Information (Name, Delivery Address)
  • Buyer Billing Information
  • Item Identifiers (SKUs or UPCs)
  • Quantity and Unit of Measure for Items Ordered
  • Price per Unit and Total Order Price
  • Shipping Terms (Method, Carrier, Delivery Date)
  • Proposed Payment Terms
  • Allowances and Charges

When is PO 850 needed?

In vendor relationships and trading partnerships, a standardized protocol is observed for transmitting necessary order details prior to shipment. This protocol, facilitated by the integration of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) within Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, involves the digital transmission of both required and optional information to trading counterparts. This practice not only simplifies order management but also brings up effective communication between entities. By using electronic document interchange platforms, trading partners can expedite information exchange, facilitating efficient order placement and acceptance processes.

Why choose us?
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