Paper Warehouse EDI

Utilize our Paper Warehouse EDI compliance service to facilitate electronic transactions with Paper Warehouse. This comprehensive service encompasses certification, testing, training, support, and security monitoring. Cogential IT streamlines the process, ensuring you achieve Paper Warehouse EDI compliance swiftly with our modernized procedures.

Our cloud-based EDI solution simplifies the connection with Paper Warehouse. Opt for us for a hassle-free EDI compliance experience.

Easily connect to all your Trading Partners with a compliant EDI Solution.

Paper Warehouse supports following Transaction Sets

Transaction sets are identified by a numeric identifier and a name.

  • 204 - Motor Carrier Load Tender
  • 990 - Response to a Load Tender
  • 214 - Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message
  • 210 - Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice
  • 850 - Purchase Order
  • 855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgment
  • 856 - Ship Notice/Manifest
  • 810 - Invoice
  • 820 - Payment Order/Remittance Advice
  • 875 - Grocery Products Purchase Order
  • 880 - Grocery Products Invoice
  • 997 - Functional Acknowledgment
  • Packing SlipsGS1-128 (or UCC-128) Bar Code Shipping Labels


Seamlessly Connect Your Business with Paper Warehouse Using Cogential IT 's EDI Integration Services

Cogential IT specializes in providing pre-built connectors for major ERP, TMS, and WMS systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient connection between your back-office systems and Paper Warehouse.

By implementing comprehensive, end-to-end B2B integration flows, Cogential IT 's services will help you streamline your operations, improve order management, optimize inventory control, and enhance shipment tracking. Trust Cogential IT to simplify your integration needs and boost your operational efficiency.

About Party and Paper Warehouse

Party and Paper Warehouse is a comprehensive online store that specializes in providing a wide range of party supplies and paper goods. The company focuses on delivering high-quality products that cater to various party needs and events.


  • Extensive range of party supplies including decorations, tableware, and favors.
  • Customizable products for personalized events.
  • Bulk purchase options for large events or businesses.
  • Fast and reliable shipping services.

Industries Served

  • Event Planners: Offering a variety of products to meet the needs of different types of events.
  • Corporate Events: Providing bulk supplies for corporate parties, seminars, and meetings.
  • Schools and Universities: Catering to events like proms, graduations, and school parties.
  • Individuals: Serving customers planning personal events such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.


Simplified EDI

We have expert EDI specialists who make EDI simple, easier and hassle free.

Dedicated Solutions

We extend and integrate EDI expertise that is specific to your business needs and objectives.

Industry Oriented

Our specific EDI solutions are tailor-made with any industry that you decide to do business with.

Reliable Support

We provide 24/7 dedicated support to ensure delivery of great EDI solutions.

Our Trading Partners

At Cogential IT, we are committed to delivering the finest B2B EDI solutions, customized to meet your unique business requirements.
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