Edi industries

EDI Industries

Multi-Industry Support

Different industries have different requirements. Cogential IT LLC’s EDI Solution provides compliance across multiple industries. Our managed service makes getting up and running easy and worry-free.

An EDI Solution for any Industry.


Cogential IT LLC’s EDI Solution can provide industry specific compliance for any industry

EDI Solutions for Any Industry

No two businesses are exactly alike. However, companies usually share common ground with other companies in the same industry sector. We, at Cogential IT, LLC have worked with companies in different industries and created EDI solutions that meet the specific needs of these unique industries. Over the years, industry related documentation and communication standards have been developed. Working groups and industry-specific associations have also been established. Cogential IT, LLC can support connection and communications with these industry specific groups in addition to supporting cross-industry entities.
Following are some industry examples where we are active with our EDI solutions:
The Automotive Industry
The Financial Services Industry
The High-Tech Industry
The Retail Industry
The Grocery Industry
The Logistics Industry
The Transportation Industry
The Pharmaceutical Industry

cogential IT, LLC
Cogential IT, LLC is focused on providing our customers with a best in class B2B EDI solution. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and using leading edge technology to link our customers with their trading communities.
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