ANSI X12 means American National Standards Institute X12. It's a standard for electronic data interchange (EDI) made in 1979 by a group under ANSI. It helps different industries share business documents electronically in a consistent way. ANSI X12 is used worldwide for companies to exchange data with each other using EDI.

Connect to your Trading Partners using a compliant EDI for ANSI X12 transactions.


Our EDI Shipment Solution will allow you to exchange any ANSI X12 transaction sets with your trading partners.

The ANSI X12 transactions support multiple industries including Retail, Grocery, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, and Transportation. We can help you determine which transactions you’ll need to be compliant with your business partners.

Most Widlely Used ANSI X12 Transactions

  • EDI 204 (Motor Carrier Load Tender- Transaction Set)
  • EDI 210 (Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice)
  • EDI 214 (Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message)
  • EDI 753 (Request for Routing Instructions)
  • EDI 754 ( Routing Instructions)
  • EDI 810 (Invoice Transaction Set)
  • EDI 820 (Payment Order/Remittance Advice)
  • EDI 824 (Application Advice)
  • EDI 830 (830 Planning Schedule with Release Capability)
  • EDI 846 (Inventory Inquiry/Advice)
  • EDI 850 (Purchase Order)
  • EDI 852 (Product Activity Data)
  • EDI 855 (Purchase Order Acknowledgment)
  • EDI 856 (Ship Notice/Manifest)
  • EDI 858 (Shipment Information)
  • EDI 860 (Purchase Order Change Request)
  • EDI 861 (Receiving Advice/Acceptance Certificate)
  • EDI 862 (Shipping Schedule)
  • EDI 865 (Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment/Request)
  • EDI 867 (Product Transfer and Resale Report)
  • EDI 869 (Order Status Inquiry)
  • EDI 870 (Order Status Report)
  • EDI 875 (Grocery Products Purchase Order)
  • EDI 880 (Grocery Products Invoice)
  • EDI 940 (Warehouse Shipping Order)
  • EDI 943 (Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice)
  • EDI 944 (Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice)
  • EDI 945 (Warehouse Shipping Advice)
  • EDI 990 (Response to a Load Tender)
  • EDI 997 (Acknowledgment)

Create shipping labels using data directly from your EDI ship notices to ensure compliance and accurate data. We provide standard as well as custom shipping barcode labels We support:UCC/EAN/GS1-128, QR Code, 2D


Create custom packing slips from your EDI ship notices that meet your customers’ specific requirements.


• Efficient electronic data exchange means you don't have to type in data by hand. This saves time and reduces mistakes.
• Using automation makes sure your invoices have accurate information.
• Sending digital invoices helps you get paid faster, improving your cash flow.
• Doing business without paper means deliveries happen more quickly.
• Less human involvement in the supply chain means fewer mistakes.
• Automation helps keep track of inventory, so you don't run out unexpectedly.
• Working closely with suppliers improves your relationship with them.

Cogentialit for EDI Compliant Solutions for ANSI X12 TRANSACTIONS

Cogentialit offers solutions that help businesses comply with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards, specifically those outlined in ANSI X12 transactions. EDI is a way for companies to exchange business documents electronically, like invoices and purchase orders, using a common language.
Our solutions make it easy for businesses to meet the requirements of ANSI X12. This helps in smooth communication between trading partners. By following these standards, companies can simplify their operations and reduce errors that may occur during manual data entry.
One significant advantage of using our solutions is the automation of processes. This improves data accuracy and saves time. This automation accelerates payment cycles, allowing companies to manage their cash flow more effectively.
Our services facilitate fast delivery fulfillment by eliminating the need for paper-based transactions. They also provide automated updates to the supply chain, reducing errors caused by human intervention.
Overall, CogentialIT's EDI compliant solutions for ANSI X12 transactions offer businesses the benefits of efficiency, accuracy, and closer integration with trading partners, ultimately enhancing their operational effectiveness.

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