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Integra Systems' EDI compliance service allows you to conduct electronic transactions efficiently. The service encompasses certification, testing, training, support, and security monitoring. Cogential IT ensures rapid attainment of Integra Systems EDI compliance through our advanced processes.

Our cloud-based EDI solution simplifies your connection with Integra Systems. Opt for us for effortless EDI compliance.

Easily connect to all your Trading Partners with a compliant EDI Solution.

Integra Systems supports following Transaction Sets


Seamlessly Connect Your Business with Integra Systems through Cogential IT

Choose Cogential IT for your EDI integration needs and effortlessly link your back-office systems with Integra Systems. Our pre-built connectors to top ERP, TMS, and WMS systems ensure a smooth and efficient connection, enhancing your business processes.

With our comprehensive, end-to-end B2B integration flows, you can streamline your operations, leading to better order management, optimized inventory control, and efficient shipment tracking. Trust Cogential IT to elevate your business efficiency and operational management.


About Integra Systems

Integra Systems is a global reach healthcare, medical device, and wireless engineering-centric consultancy. They specialize in wireless technologies and offer expertise in product design, validation, and implementation.


  • Testing services for wireless SOC security, quality of service, ecosystem V&V, and co-existence.
  • Predictive WLAN modeling for building environments to meet specific application requirements.
  • Authorship of technical white papers and case studies for end providers and technology players.
  • Evaluation of mobility platforms supporting BYOD, Auto ID, and RFID.

Industries Served

Integra Systems serves various industries, including healthcare, medical devices, government, and other vertical markets.


Simplified EDI

We have expert EDI specialists who make EDI simple, easier and hassle free.

Dedicated Solutions

We extend and integrate EDI expertise that is specific to your business needs and objectives.

Industry Oriented

Our specific EDI solutions are tailor-made with any industry that you decide to do business with.

Reliable Support

We provide 24/7 dedicated support to ensure delivery of great EDI solutions.

Our Trading Partners

At Cogential IT, we are committed to delivering the finest B2B EDI solutions, customized to meet your unique business requirements.
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