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EDI Services

Our EDI solution ensures you meet the data and communication requirements of your trading partners. We connect businesses in all industries including Retail, Grocery, Transportation, Automotive, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Warehousing. We can connect via AS2, VAN, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and API. Whatever your EDI needs, we can provide a scalable efficient solution, either stand-alone or integrated.
cogential IT, LLC EDI Services B2B Services Compliant EDI services to streamline your processes with your customers and suppliers. Flexible cloud solution for ANSI X12, EDIFACT, ODETTE, and VDA.

Integration Services

Integrate EDI data with your ERP and other backend applications. Sales Orders, Invoices, Shipping Updates, and Inventory Updates, for example, can move seamlessly between systems, resulting in more efficient operations. Some of the most common backend applications include QuickBooks, Salesforce, ShipStation, SAP, Zoho, Sage, 3PL, Fishbowl and NetSuite.
cogential IT, LLC Integration Services EDI Integration Top-notch integration solutions that provide automation to increase speed and accuracy of data.

Reliable Support

Our aim is to build a long-term relationship with our customers. Our dedicated implementation and support team will perform compliance testing for you and provide training for your staff. They can answer any questions you might have and resolve any issues you encounter.
cogential IT, LLC Reliable Support Support Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to help. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction before, during, and after your implementation.

Cogential IT, LLC


Cogential IT, LLC

Why Choose Us ?

We are committed to providing our customers with a compliant and adaptable EDI solution.


Quick, Proactive and Adaptable

As an experienced EDI service provider, we take the worry out of complying with your trading partner’s requirements. Our rapid deployment process will have you exchanging data with your trading partners quickly – often in as little as 2-5 days. We will provide you with a fully compliant system and manage the process for you. You can start with a single trading partner using our web forms and expand as your business needs change. We provide exceptional customer support 24/7.

Feature Rich Solution

Notification of incoming documents Flexible sorting for inbox and outbound documents Carry over data from inbound documents to outbound documents Autopack ASNs Labels and Packing Slips created from ASNs Default Data to reduce data entry Cross Reference data including item numbers, addresses, and customer numbers

Experts to Guide You

Emergency response time is one hour or less guaranteed. A live person will answer your call or email. our proactive support and developement immediately work on the issue. If need arise, We can ask you to allow us to login into your PC or server remotely and resolve any issues immediately without any delay.
Cogential IT, LLC

Improved Integration

The greatest benefits of exchanging EDI data with your trading community come when you integrate that data with your own application systems. Whether you are running a small accounting application or a corporate wide ERP, we can transform your data and create a smooth process flow using APIs or file-based transfers, eliminating duplicate entry and associated errors. Enjoy the benefits of a closer collaboration with your partners, streamlined processes, and more accurate data by using Cogential IT.

Industry Oriented

Our industry-specific EDI solutions can connect you to your business community. Industries implemented include Retail, Grocery, Transportation, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, and Automotive.

Real Results

We believe in delivering what we promise. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.
Cogential IT, LLC

EDI Integration Options

cogential IT, LLC

Simplified EDI

We have expert EDI specialists who make EDI integration simple, easier and hassle free.

Dedicated Solutions

We extend and integrate EDI expertise that is specific to your business needs and objectives.

Industry Oriented

Our specific EDI solutions are tailor-made with any industry that you decide to do business with.

Reliable Support

We provide 24/7 dedicated support to ensure delivery of great EDI integrations solutions.
Cogential IT, LLC

Quick | Compliant | Reliable

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