Walgreens EDI Compliance and Certification

Walgreens is a leading drug store chain with over 8,200 stores in North America, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. It is the largest drug retail store in the U.S. and was ranked 35th on the Fortune 500 list in 2015. With around 260,000 employees and a revenue of $76.3 billion in 2014, Walgreens offers a vast range of drugstore products and pharmacy services to its customers. While Walgreens EDI was once an optional feature for Walgreens' suppliers and distributors, it is now mandatory to be EDI compliant with Walgreens.
Cogential IT provides an efficient way to achieve Walgreens EDI compliance with our tried and tested procedures that are regularly updated to meet the latest EDI standards. We offer a seamless connection with Walgreens that ensures compliance with their EDI requirements. Make the process hassle-free by choosing our Walgreens EDI solution today.

With Walgreens EDI compliance service you can trade with Walgreens electronically. This service includes certification, testing, training, support, and security monitoring. Cogential IT helps you achieve Walgreens EDI compliance quickly with our updated processes. Our cloud-based EDI solution makes connecting with Walgreens easy. Choose us for seamless EDI compliance.

Walgreens Support Following Transaction Sets

Transaction sets define exchanged data for specific business objectives, marked by numeric ID and name.
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    204 - Motor Carrier Load Tender990 - Response to a Load Tender214 - Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message210 - Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice850 - Purchase Order855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgment856 - Ship Notice/Manifest810 - Invoice820 - Payment Order/Remittance Advice875 - Grocery Products Purchase Order880 - Grocery Products Invoice997 - Functional Acknowledgment180 - Return Merchandise Authorization and Notification852 - Product Activity Data860 - Purchase Order Change Request – Buyer Initiated861 - Receiving Advice/Acceptance Certificate870 - Order Status Report832 - Price/Sales Catalog846 - Inventory Inquiry/AdvicePacking SlipsGS1-128 (or UCC-128) Bar Code Shipping Labels
Connect Effortlessly To All Trading Partners Using Compliant Edi Solutions

Easy Walgreens EDI Compliance

Walgreens EDI service provider that you can trust

Searching for the right ways to link your business with Walgreens but can’t find something worthy? If yes, worry no more as our experts are here to assist with suited and well-planned EDI solutions. Our quality solutions will make you Walgreens EDI compliant and also offer an integrated cloud-based EDI .

Cogential IT Services has ready-to-use solutions for many EDI trading partners, including Walgreens . Our EDI solution works with all document types that Walgreens needs, making sure you follow their rules. We handle compliance tests and help you set up for production by assisting you in picking the best EDI solution for your needs.


Simplified EDI

We have expert EDI specialists who make EDI simple, easier and hassle free.

Dedicated Solutions

We extend and integrate EDI expertise that is specific to your business needs and objectives.

Industry Oriented

Our specific EDI solutions are tailor-made with any industry that you decide to do business with.

Reliable Support

We provide 24/7 dedicated support to ensure delivery of great EDI solutions.

Reasons That Make Cogential It Services The Right Choice For Your Walgreens Edi Services

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  • Cogential IT Services was founded by a team of EDI experts who have lots of experience in different industries, including Walgreens EDI solutions. Our Walgreens solution can be adjusted to fit the needs of businesses of any size.
  • There are different ways to connect with Walgreens , such as VAN/communications, Web EDI, or Cloud EDI. We can provide additional support or even function as your entire EDI department.
  • Our EDI VAN and servers are quick and safe and operate with a 99.99% uptime. We have staff working 24 by 7 to oversee your Walgreens EDI program and guarantee that everything runs smoothly.
  • There is no need to install any software. You can easily manage and keep track of your Walgreens EDI transactions through our cloud-based solution. Just ensure that you have a computer with a browser and an internet connection.

As now, Walgreens will classify their suppliers into two sets, Auto-replenishment Supplier or Rack Jobber. We will accordingly guide you to stay compliant with them as per their set standards.


Walgreens Servers Features

The main advantage of our server is to allow a lean and secure exchange of documents between companies, increasing efficiency, simplifying management and increasing savings.

Quick Response Times

We are known for our fast response and this enables near real-time communication of data with Walgreens EDI, improving the efficiency of data exchange.

Makes EDI Technology Accessible To SMEs

Our cost-effective solution is simple to implement and doesn't demand complex technology. Ideal for low-volume document exchange, it democratizes EDI for businesses of any size.

Regular Updations

Our service ensures hassle-free updates and installations. Plus, we guarantee adaptability to technological, functional, and legal changes, tailored for Walgreens EDI.

Available anytime, anywhere

All that you need is an internet connection to receive, create, and send Walgreens EDI support documents with our service.

Secure Message Storage Solutions

All the documents you send and receive are stored securely in the "cloud" for a period specified by local laws. So bid goodbye to print or file paper copies.

99.99% Uptime

Our servers offer a rock-solid 99.99% uptime guarantee, ensuring reliability and minimizing errors, except during scheduled maintenance.

Our Trading Partners

At Cogential IT, we are committed to delivering the finest B2B EDI solutions, customized to meet your unique business requirements.
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