Complete EDI Integration Solution for SAP SE


Integrate SAP SE with your EDI processes

It is our prime aim to offer cloud-based EDI integration solutions for Sapse and make a seamless workflow between you, your trading partners, shipping, business order, and invoice.

An EDI relationship with your trading partner can be complicated. Global trade is changing quickly in terms of technology, and as time passes, it will become more difficult to manage in-house EDI operations. At Cogential IT, we invite you to use our cloud-based system and outsource your EDI operations to us. We will manage all your EDI data translation, transformation and transport.

Integration Software/Packages not listed here can be easily and rapidly implemented.


Create a seamless flow of data with your business partners by integrating your EDI system with SAP SE.

SAP SE EDI Integration

SAP SE integration will reduce cycle time, eliminate duplicate data entry, and increase data accuracy. Take full advantage of an EDI connection with your trading partners by integrating that with your SAP SE system. Pass orders from your trading partners to SAP SE without keying them in. Export invoice and shipment details from SAP SE to your EDI system to avoid manual rekeying of data.

Our cost-effective, SAP SE EDI Integration Solution will improve process flow and eliminate rekeying, reducing processing time and the chance of data errors.

With us, you can empower your company and acquire robust reporting features and proactive compliance notification. Let our experts manage your EDI compliance and integration with Sapse.

Order Integration with SAP SE
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Order Import or Export orders using SAP SE integration. Eliminate rekeying of data and allow your team to more accurately process a higher volume of orders.
Shipping Integration with SAP SE
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Shipping Shipping data can be complicated. Use SAP SE integration to make data flow seamlessly between your trading partners and your SAP SE system.
Invoice Integration with SAP SE
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Invoice Process invoice data or generate invoices based on your shipment data. Integrating EDI with SAP SE will reduce cycle time and increase accuracy.

Integration Related Tools

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We have expert EDI specialists who make EDI simple, easier and hassle free.

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Cogential IT Services is focused on providing our customers with a best in class B2B EDI solution. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and using leading edge technology to link our customers with their trading communities.
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