5 Jan 2022


GET Your Business Amazon's EDI COMPLIANT

GET Your Business Amazon's EDI COMPLIANT


With the increase in need of EDI in business to efficiently and effectively process the documents to the traders. Several EDI service providers and come into the scenario, however there are only few who really understands the whole concept. This is why we at Cogential IT have consistently developed our solution, making it one of the most efficient EDI cloud services in the world.
Cogential IT supplies and operates the necessary EDI infrastructure with its own software in the state-of-the-art data center across several parts in India.
Cogential IT takes over the partner management, i.e. the complete technical setup with your business partners. Our EDI implementation engineers draw up precise data mappings, regardless of the type of industry, business process, format or protocol.

Amazon has often become the most important customer for Book Distributors and Publishers.
Amazon, however, is very demanding and the process – from the acquisition of the order to the fulfilment of the same – often requires considerable human effort.
Normally you have to connect to the Amazon portal to download orders and import them into the Amico Win management system.
Next, you have to report by hand on the Excel files provided by Amazon, what was actually shipped, then reconnect to the Amazon portal to deposit the delivery notices, also providing the contents of the boxes also managed by hand.
In addition to the time spent fulfilling the required information mode, the chances of error due to data transcription are very high.
To overcome this method, organisations has interfaced directly with Amazon's EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and within Cogential IT has developed a procedure that allows you to simplify and automate the process by removing the operations that are now handmade.
This solution allows you to interact with Amazon directly and not through Arianna with economic savings that can be considerable.
Briefly, the procedure performs the following operations:
• Automatic import of orders through an interface capable of interpreting amazon's EDI track.
• Automatic transmission of order responses (demands from Amazon in a short time)
• Automatic transmission of shipping notice (DESADV)
• Compliance with Amazon's specifications regarding shipping information (PICKING LIST)
• Marking of each individual package (management of unique SSCC-codes)
• Detailed communication of the shipment with the contents of each individual package within the DESADV.
• A special picking procedure with portable terminals makes it easy to manage the contents of each box.

The procedure also involves sending news and availability to Amazon.
Enrich your experience with Cogential IT, implement sales, improve your organization with amazon EDI integration

Provision of Premium Support Services When you entrust us with such an important and critical element of your supply chain, you place your utmost trust in us. For this reason, we attach the greatest importance and attention to the performance of EDI management related services and our EDI support team.
• Quality assurance:
• Assistance times up to 24x7x365 (hotline and e-mail, availability spread over 3 shifts)
• Guarantee and compliance with SLA agreements
• Monitoring via automatic and real-time ticketing in the event of conversion and communication errors
• Management of incidents and escalation on the occasion of critical errors
• Optional dedicated Service Manager for premium support performance
Our EDI experts are at your disposal right away. Pick your phone now and talk to our experts and give all your worries related to Amazon EDI documents to us so that you can focus on your business.

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