13 Aug 2021


EDI Cloud Service - The Need to Modernize EDI

EDI Cloud Service - The Need to Modernize EDI

EDI Cloud Service - The Need to Modernize EDI

Most global companies use solutions from at least one EDI technology provider in their operations. However, the digitalization of critical business processes poses new challenges for companies, the solution of which increasingly requires the improvement of existing electronic information exchange systems. A system that is not always used can effectively respond to new business requests, and then it becomes necessary to change the supplier of a solution that can satisfy the customer in new conditions.

What is the most common reason for changing EDI provider and moving to a new solution? What is the most common reason for changing EDI provider and moving to a new solution? Business expansion is certainly one of the main reasons for the need to change the EDI provider.
So, according to a recent report on global supply chain management, which was released in 2020, it is said that leading players are actively replacing existing and obsolete software with modern applications with which they can implement new approaches to digital business. Digital technologies in supply chain management are becoming a vital tool, and in this context, the renewal of systems for the electronic exchange of documents and messages with partners becomes inevitable.

According to EDI Global, only 17% of market players are completely satisfied with their EDI systems. Almost a third of users are sorely lacking transparency in the reports they receive, another third would like to be able to independently connect partners without contacting the solution provider, for 39% the lack of a “one-stop-shop” system for logging into several applications is critical.

The development of the company is associated with the emergence of new documents, and not always old EDIs are able to ensure their formation.

All these wishes are a direct consequence of the expansion of the business, and the impossibility of their implementation seriously hinders the development of the company.

Globalization is another reason that leads to the need to change the provider of the electronic document exchange solution. Business boundaries are expanding, and with the emergence of new foreign relations, suppliers and customers, companies face the need to launch separate platforms for communication with each new partner. This is inconvenient, since it critically violates the transparency of information exchange and makes the workflow system incompatible with other service solutions. The only way out in this situation is to search for one supplier of cloud-based EDI technology, capable of working in all markets, with all partners.

According to a survey by Cogential IT, provider of cost-effective EDI solution- a cloud platform used by dozens of the largest companies around the world - 33% of companies have already faced this problem and are preparing to transfer control of EDI processes into the hands of one supplier in the near future. Only by choosing one vendor to address multiple challenges across all levels of the business landscape is a company ideally positioned to achieve internal and external process consistency.

Replacement of EDI related systems. The most important feature of EDI systems is that they do not work autonomously, but in close connection with ERP, CRM, WMS and other solutions, which makes it possible to fully use the capabilities of electronic information exchange technology. Often, replacing one solution carries serious risks and disrupts the entire IT structure. The risks are so great that many companies refuse updates altogether for fear of failures that will take a significant amount of time and money to fix.

However, a well-chosen EDI provider will not only conduct a subtle analysis of potential disruptions, but will also lay the foundation for future opportunities for efficient operation and rapid scaling of the entire IT system, including solutions for supply chain automation.
Cogential IT EDI system not only easily integrates with the existing IT structure of the company, but can also be implemented as a lightweight web-based solution with the maximum set of functions.For Edi Integration: https://www.cogentialit.com/b2b-ediintegration.cshtml

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