21 Sep 2023


Compliant and Reliable EDI solution for Chemist Warehouse

Compliant and Reliable EDI solution for Chemist Warehouse

Compliant and Reliable EDI solution for Chemist Warehouse

EDI has become the basic need for a business if you want smooth communication with your trading partners. Cogential IT is a renowned name in the market to provide chemist warehouse capabilities without the pain of installing software. There cloud-based EDI solution comes with the capabilities to handle retail’s largest network.


EDI(Electronic Data Interchange)  is the electronic exchange of data from computer to computer between  Business Partners (chains) , in order to save time by eliminating the traditional methods of preparing and sending documents through courier. At the same time, it has the advantage of being a more secure and reliable method for handling information.

Among the currently available transactions are:

  • Sales and inventories report
  • Purchase orders
  • Sale price catalogue
  • Advance notice of shipment(asn)
  • Delivery programs, etc.


 Why do I need EDI for my chemist warehouse?

The trends of large companies today is to optimize and simplify all the operations of your company; To achieve this, modern methods of administration, production, control and communication have to be adopted, among which is EDI. At this time, all the department stores in the country are committed to the implementation of EDI within their daily communication procedures with their suppliers, this means that the communication between warehouse-supplier, supplier-warehouse will henceforth be in accordance with the EDI standards that is in electronic form. In the very near future you will not receive any more orders from your clients printed on paper because your client will not print them anymore, instead of on paper, your client will send you a computer message encrypting in EDI format, If you want to continue selling your products or services, you must be able to retrieve and interpret the EDI messages addressed to you by your customers. As all department stores have their own administrations, each of them is in a different stage of implementation of EDI in their companies, but they are all working on it.

By having this service, a series of benefits and advantages may be considered, such as: 

· Time reduction in the order reception / shipment cycle.       

· Better planning of your production.       

· Better inventory management.       

· Less emergency situations.       

· Your merchandise will be on the sales floor on time.       

· Speeding up the reception of your merchandise as it is previously labelled.     

· Reduction of telephone calls and the sending of letters, forms, faxes, etc.       

· Time optimization for your Sales Group.       

· Better information on the status of the order.     


Cogential IT smooth and hassle free Edi solution will make your chemist warehouse to become EDI compliant. This will let you focus on your business while we handling your EDI compliancy, EDI testing, EDI webforms etc. With the help of our cloud-based EDI solution you can easily:

  • Comply with all your chemist warehouse requirements.
  • Can focus more on other important aspects of your business.
  • Add trading partners without any trouble.
  • Can manage all the inventory and invoice related information.
  • Setup notifications and automate your business process.

Without any doubt, our cloud-based EDI solution will provide you with all these benefits and more. We only hope that you will give us the opportunity to provide you with the best of services.

Irrespective of how complex your warehouse business is we with the help our experts will tackle down all your requirements and get you easily mapped to Chemist Warehouse EDI. With our understanding of various EDI related requirements we eliminate all the trouble complying with your trading partners.

Call us now and get the best of EDI solution with our 24/7 reliable customer support ready to answer all your queries. 

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