15 Feb 2021

What is EDI Invoice 810 - Cogentialit

What is EDI Invoice 810 - Cogentialit

What is EDI Invoice 810

To control the operations within their supply chains, many companies in different industries rely on EDI. This control is carried out in particular through EDI transactions such as the EDI 810 document. By definition, this is the electronic version of a paper invoice.The EDI 810 transaction is used to send an invoice electronically. It is often sent following receipt of an EDI 850 (purchase order) when the items have been dispatched.

This transaction contains:

● date number of the invoice;

● shipping details;

● Payment Terms ;

● items including prices and quantities;

● discount.

Cogential IT can help you quickly and efficiently integrate a low cost EDI solution that adapts to your needs and that will allow you to easily send EDI 810s Invoice. No matter where the information comes from, whether it is a physical document, an Excel file, or as data from your accounting software, we process all formats.

HWhat is EDI 810?

One of the frequently used EDI transaction sets, the EDI Invoice 810 provides the ability to send an invoice electronically. Compliant with the ANSI X12 EDI specification, the EDI Invoice 810 is typically shipped after receiving a purchase order under the EDI 850 transaction. By using an 810 invoice, you gain a variety of benefits including saving time and money. In addition, there is no need to devote a dedicated workforce to manual processing of paper invoices.

An EDI 810 invoice has a format that cannot be read or understood by a buyer or supplier. Indeed, like any other type of EDI document, the EDI 810 is intended to be sent, received and interpreted by dedicated software. This document contains various information relating to a purchase transaction, namely the items ordered and their price, the quantity ordered, the discounts offered, the terms of payment as well as the invoicing and shipping details. All of the items and segments listed there conform to the EDI 810 specification. For example, the ST * 810 * 0001 ~ segment is the Transaction Set header and specifies the EDI document type.

Transmission of an EDI document

As in any EDI data exchange, the EDI 810 transmission process begins with the preparation of a regular invoice entered into a computer system. This invoice is then translated into an EDI document. The dematerialized invoice is then sent to a recipient, namely the customer, who is responsible for translating the data into readable format.

Bringing together a variety of specialized services and capabilities, including securing EDI communication and e-mail services, Value Added Network (VAN) is the communication method commonly used to transmit an EDI 810 billing document. In practice, the latter is received and examined by the VAN which subsequently stores the information. Once these are approved and deemed secure, the network transmits the EDI 810 document to the recipient.

Receipt of an EDI invoice

Regardless of the system used to transmit the EDI 810 billing document (BBS or electronic bulletin board, VAN network, Internet, etc.), it is transmitted to a gateway which must be compatible with that of the system used by the recipient.

On arrival at destination, the EDI 810 invoice is checked to ensure the integrity of its format, but also to verify that it is at the correct destination. After approval, processing of the invoice on the recipient's system can begin. For this, the use of EDI translation software is required. After reformatting, translation and mapping, the EDI invoicing document is converted into an invoice that can be read and used by the company team.

How Cogential IT can help you process EDI Invoice 810

By eliminating the need for multiple manual entries of the same data, the risk of providing the counterparty with incorrect information is significantly reduced. This in turn translates into faster order processing and reduction of their processing time. EDI systems can also verify the correctness of the entered data, and thanks to the improvement of cash flow resulting from the improvement of document flow, they reduce the length of the order fulfillment and settlement cycle.

We provide an environment which is fast and guarantees an uptime of 99.998%. With our all-time available staff, we ensure that every document reaches their destination. Most importantly we offer a cloud-based EDI 810 invoice solution that solve all the hassle that comes manual installation of software and hardware. Give us a call now and get the EDI solution that your business needs.

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