10 Sep 2020


Providing you the Best of 3pl Central EDI Integration Services - Cogentialit

Providing you the Best of 3pl Central EDI  Integration Services - Cogentialit


At Cogential IT "The bases of EDI" we made a retrospective of the documents that were generated between client and supplier, and we introduced the figure of the logistics operator.

This third actor, the logistics operator or 3PL as it is known by its acronym in English Third Party Player , is strategic in the supply chain and has highlighted the need to speed up the exchange of information between the parties.

The higher the level of dependence on transportation or storage in an industry, the greater the penetration and importance of 3PL. Thus, sectors such as large distribution, consumer goods, automotive, industry, healthcare, etc. They are totally dependent on their relationship with the logistics operator, and the way in which they work with him can be decisive for the proper functioning of the supply chain and the profitability of the business.

The exchange of information with the 3PL and the way it is managed is the key to the relationship between the three parties. How can we help you with 3PL EDI Integration

3PL or a third party logistics company is a company known to provide full logistics services i.e. transportation At Cogential IT we help you integrating 3PL with EDI to provide the best results while exchanging any data. It is reliable, secure and an economical way to exchange information between business. Electronic Data Exchange that will allow you to exchange any electronic document according to the requirements of each of them. As these are international standards, you will be able to exchange documents with your clients and suppliers regardless of the country in which they are located.

We offer fully automated solutions for 3PL providers and their respective clients to exchange all necessary information related to orders, shipments, balances and invoice reports etc. so that you can incorporate EDI Services in the way that best suits your company.

This EDI solution provides the flexibility of a configurable tool and the simplicity of a solution over the Internet, while ensuring the confidentiality of all your exchanges. We offer you a fully automated solution that is capable of integrating with your internal management software, so that you can incorporate electronic data interchange in the way that guarantees you maximum profit.

Benefits of 3PL Central EDI Integration

EDI itself is a great tool for retailers to make all of their reports and invoicing related tasks error free and automated. When EDI is integrated with 3PL it gives you a complete assurance of proper handling of orders deliveries and reports. Other benefits that one can guarantees for their business are:

● Warehouse management
● Fleet and Transportation management
● Customer Visibility
● Billing management
● Reducing manual entry to almost zero while saving time and money both spent in a operators accountants and warehouse workers.
● Fast and secure transfer of data and documents.
● Error less documents leads to less conflicts in papers which further enhance the trust between business partners.
● Data receives faster comparatively which leads to acceleration of payments.
● Increase predictability and performance
Common EDI Documents for 3PL Integrations
● 210: Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice
● 214: Transportation Carrier Shipments Status Message
● 216: Motor Carrier Shipment Pickup Notification
● 940: Warehouse Shipping order
● 943: Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice
● 944: Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice
● 945: Warehouse Shipping Advice
● 947: Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice
● 846: Inventory Inquiry/Advice
856: Advance Ship Notice

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