19 Aug 2020

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP

● Fully integrated with Cogential IT

● Welcome to greater efficiency and productivity throughout each phase of the supplier invoice.

Companies rely on their management systems to do many things, but they cannot do everything. The ability of Cogential IT solutions to integrate will allow you to automate your business and thus allowing you to fully concentrate on your business. We facilitate the processes directly into your Oracle® JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP system, resulting in greater process efficiency and productivity throughout each phase of business operations.

With Oracle JD Edwards we can integrate the vast majority of our business processes into a single system, allowing us to consolidate, optimize them and have all our information concentrated in a single relational database. But on numerous occasions, we need to interact with other systems, internal or external. And, in addition, we need this communication to take place in real time to keep our JD Edwards system updated at all times.

Receive and track vendor invoices with the help of Oracle JD EDI integration

JD Edwards provides us with different technologies for the input and output of information such as: plain text files, XML integration, and the most used, powerful, reliable and solid: Web Services (Webservices, in English), best known in the field JDE as Business Services or with the abbreviation BSSV.

As an example of external online integration we can highlight the communication through EDICOM for EDI files (Orders and Invoice) for the integration of sales orders, purchase, invoicing, merchandise shipments and confirmation of shipment of large platforms.), as well as the integration of electronic invoicing with face for large canters (Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, etc.).

With full integration with Oracle’s JD Edwards EDI, Cogential IT automation solution enables users of this financial application to get rid of the error caused during the manual process and easily converts it into a paperless billing process.

With Cogential IT, vendor and invoice information is automatically synchronized to support full process automation. As per the requirement the both the invoices with or without purchase order are processed in the workflow and archived in the web portal which is further linked in the Oracle JD Edwards EDI for the given time.

Benefits of integration and unique features of Oracle JD Edwards

● Easy to install and process the data.

● We can also interact with other PDA systems, Excel books or any other independent software that we have.

● Using Oracle JD Edi integration allows us to be agile in processing communication, integration, and data processing.

● Simply by a given link from Oracle JD Edwards EDI integration a user can access the original invoice as per the requirement.

● It enhance business continuity, 24/7 accessibility, rapid training and user acceptance.

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