20 Aug 2020


Odoo Integration with EDI Systems - Cogentialit

Odoo Integration with EDI Systems - Cogentialit

Odoo integration with EDI systems

Congial IT help you exchange documents with users from any business sector.

Through an EDI platform, both in India and in any other country, through the Internet and using international standards.

What solution we offer you

Our Odoo EDI module allows you to integrate an EDI platform with Odoo. This is almost transparent to the user, who automatically receives orders and simply approves or corrects them. Documents such as bills and invoices are sent when they change their status to approved. You will also be able to check the messages and payment documents.

With this module, you do not need additional SOFTWARE to carry the task. Odoo becomes a powerful EDI client for eDiversa and Ediwin platform, which thanks to the agreement signed between the two parties, you can enjoy this system at very low cost and take advantage of its great power. For your peace of mind, the module has been equipped with a very useful trace system in which any event is recorded between the platform and Odoo, so that you always have absolute control

What does the Cogential IT include?

Transform files
Odoo integrated comedy is responsible for transforming the files from the internal format of the user to the standard format required according to the versions maintained by the different regulatory bodies and vice versa. We also manage the transactions of messages between the user and the platform, and maintain control of their traceability. It also come with the functionality of digital signature with customer certificate.

Viewers and forms
Through Odoo EDI integration you can view any document received in graphic format and manually generate the documents to be sent. This option allows you to work manually without linking to the ERP.

Support for service start-up
Cogential IT provides the user with the technical information necessary for the file integration process, as well as all the necessary telephone support, during the start-up process.

Link Your Business Transactions Safely & Easily
Transmission of messages
The user may exchange messages with his or her interlocutors without any restriction as to the number of interlocutors or type of documents.

Incorporation of new partners and documents
It is foreseeable that the customer's own dynamics will require the incorporation in the future of new interlocutors or documents not contemplated at the beginning. This solution grows with the needs of the customer, adapting to new requirements.

Technical service
The user will have a permanent telephone service, in order to solve any incident that may occur.

Delegated signature
Facture and PDF documents can be digitally signed with eDiversa digital certificate in order to resolve any incident that may occur

Who uses EDI

● These are some of the companies that usually EDI for document exchange:
● Career Club
● Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Inc.
● QA Limited
● Etech Global Services, LLC.
If your company works with any of these suppliers, Odoo EDI can facilitate your daily work, and can now automatically process all order documents, bills of lading, invoices and payment notifications.

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