10 Sep 2020


Increase Business Efficiency With QuickBooks EDI Integration

Increase Business Efficiency With QuickBooks EDI Integration

Increase Business Efficiency With QuickBooks EDI Integration

Since its launch in 2001, QuickBooks Online has grown exponentially. Today more than 2.2millions business users uses QuickBooks to facilitate their accounting process. Intuit is focusing a good chunk of its resources to ensure QuickBooks Online remains the number one accounting software. Unlike QuickBooks for the desktop, QuickBooks Online is always up to date ; the data is accessible from anywhere, at any time and on any platform. The virtual application store for QuickBooks Online has hundreds of applications that integrate with QuickBooks Online and make it capable of solving certain unique needs of each company. At Cogential IT we provide fully integrated EDI solutions for business using Intuit QuickBooks.

EDI for QuickBooks Simplified

E-commerce is the trend. Many companies sell using QuickBooks but not sold in l network. As small and medium-sized businesses grow and do business with each other, the need for EDI with QuickBooks grows. We can connect your company with others so that they can exchange information such as orders and payments electronically. This would allow QuickBooks to communicate with other accounting systems. Allowing you to manage your business without worrying about entering the data in the system of your clients or suppliers.

QuickBooks EDI Integrations Options

● Integrate your QuickBooks Invoice to 810 EDI Invoice
● EDI 850 Purchase Order to QuickBooks Sales Order
● 812 EDI to QuickBooks Debit/Credit Memo
● Acknowledge your trading partners by QuickBooks Purchase Order Acknowledgment to 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement.
● Easy to Process Customized Packing Slip
● Making change request easy and seamless with 860 Purchase Order to QuickBooks Sales Order
● Track your shipping order by Integrating QuickBooks Sales Order to Warehouse Shipping Order 940

Benefits of QuickBooks EDI integration services.

QuickBooks and EDI are two cloud-based system that facilitate the automation of orders and invoices in a business. It makes the whole integration POs from EDI to QuickBooks and Invoices from QuickBooks to EDI process is not only seamless but also affordable and easy to use. Below we have listed the benefits of Integrating QuickBooks with EDI for your business.

● It is a tailor made process to increase the efficiency of businesses.

● Automate the whole process resulting in less error due to manual data entry

● Enhance Productivity by reducing delays and cost incurred in resources

● Streamlines the supply chain transaction process for suppliers, trading partners and your e- commerce business

● Maximize profits by the quick and easy streamline of your QuickBooks data to EDI directly.

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