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How to Become Edi compatible with Cogentialit

How to Become Edi compatible with Cogentialit


EDI refunds can take many forms. There is no doubt that ASN (Advance Shipping Notice) is an EDI file transaction that most people who read this article are familiar with. Its main purpose is to provide tracking and packaging information before delivery. As mentioned above, Wal-Mart clearly mentions that sending ASNs in a timely manner is a key component of EDI compliance.

Some of the most common elements contained in the ASN are the purchase order number, the shipping notification number, and the shipping location of the product.

In addition to ASN errors, some other common reasons why B2B customers may issue EDI refunds to suppliers include:
• Use the wrong carrier
• The goods arrive too early or too late
• Missed key specifications (for example, unable to meet the correct packaging specifications)
• Order is not executed at the proper speed
• Some items were delivered to the wrong location
• Incomplete or incorrect documents

EDI compliance requirements Several SMEs required for the setup and maintenance of EDI trading partners, both of which are important to maintain compliance.

Taking Barnes and Noble EDI as an example

The Barnes & Noble Bookstore is the central store of the American bookselling company of the same name. The store is located in New York, on Manhattan Island, on the famous Fifth Avenue.

The Barnes & Noble company was founded in 1873, and their first store opened in New York in 1917. Since then, under the Barnes & Noble brand, a whole chain of bookstores has been deployed throughout the United States, but the central store on Fifth Avenue continues to be the flagship of the book retailing company.

Simplified Compliance with Barnes & Noble EDI

Get compliant with our fully cloud-based EDI for lesser errors and more productivity. It improves the workflow efficiency by faster order fulfilment and that too at a very affordable cost. Barnes & Noble uses the following ASC X12 Transactions Sets:
• 180 Returns
• 810 Invoice
• 820 Remittance Advice
• 850 Purchase Order
• 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment (POA)
• 852 Product Activity Data
• 857 Advanced Ship Notice/Invoice (ASN)
• 864 Location/Address (Store SAN (Standard Address Number) and Street Address)
• 997 Functional Acknowledgment.

A total of 6 months or within that time period is required to become compliant EDI compliant once your you’re doing business with Barnes and Noble as your trading partners.
If the test takes longer than six months, the supplier may be removed from the EDI test due to non-compliance
There is and another common trading partners where compliance is needed is Johnson Control Inc.

Johnson Controls, Inc. is a North America based largest energy management company with $ 7.5 million in guaranteed energy savings and has the largest service network with approximately 5,000 transports and thousands of qualified technicians. It offers products and services to optimize energy efficiency in buildings, automotive and interior batteries, and automotive electronics.

Common Transaction Set required:
• 4 - Motor Carrier Load Tender
• 990 - Response to a Load Tender
• 214 - Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message
• 210 - Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice
• 850 - Purchase Order
• 855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgment
• 856 - Ship Notice/Manifest
• 810 - Invoice
• 820 - Payment Order/Remittance Advice
• 875 - Grocery Products Purchase Order
• 880 - Grocery Products Invoice
• 997 - Functional Acknowledgment

Steps to become EDI compatible

Inferior or outdated integrated technologies are usually the cause or cause of such non-payment. Although they may seem trivial in individual cases, systematic EDI compliance issues can cause huge financial damage, or even damage the most. Good business relationship.

Fortunately, there are better ways to ensure EDI compliance, thereby reducing the number of EDI refunds, better meeting SLAs and retaining valuable relationships: with the help of an ecosystem integration platform, the platform is flexible, modern, cloud-based and reliable.

As your EDI provider, Cogential IT system has 3 ways to reduce refunds:

By using a locally deployed EDI system, you can design, build, run and optimize key ecosystem integration processes. This means that you can mature your integrated solution according to your own conditions and time limit, and always be sure that your solution is flexible enough to be expanded according to business needs.

This platform brings end-to-end integration visibility for API, EDI, and non-EDI integration, so that technical and business users have the same confidence in rapidly joining trading partners, can integrate between applications, and accelerate revenue generation Business process. With strategic ""inside and out"" visibility into the key end-to-end business flows occurring across the entire partner and customer, market, internal cloud, and local application ecosystem, your vital business relationships will become stronger.

For some companies, the importance of keeping EDI compliant and avoiding refunds makes it worthwhile to outsource all or some of the important functions to a third party. With the help of a professional platform, companies can choose local deployment, managed services or hybrid methods to ensure complete flexibility and control their B2B integration strategy.

Our goal is to increase the working speed of all partners and reduce costs.
To achieve this goal, we can perform automatic exchange of transaction data. After setting up, your ERP system will directly communicate with our cloud-based EDI system. This fully automated exchange enables you to place orders, change and confirm orders, send and receive invoices, view delivery forecast data, and receive and issue notifications

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