5 Oct 2021


Get Seamless Edi Retail Chains Compliance

Get Seamless Edi Retail Chains Compliance

Get Seamless Edi Retail Chains Compliance

A long-known problem in retail is the late arrival of goods on the shelves, which leads to lost profits. The main reason for this loss is improperly built business processes, in particular, the exchange of documents with suppliers. Errors in papers, their late delivery led to the fact that deliveries are delayed or even cancelled. To maintain competitiveness and strengthen control over these processes, you can additionally hire professionals who will work with a large amount of data.
But for retail chains there is another, more profitable solution - electronic document management. It would seem that this is a well-known way of interacting with suppliers for a long time, but even in the modern world, in the process of introducing this system, retail chains often face problems and negativity.
EDI (Electronic data Interchange ) allows you to easily, quickly and conveniently exchange data in a standardized format by sending information to partners in an accessible form via electronic channels and using special providers.

● business benefits after implementing EDI;
● automation and acceleration of document exchange processes;
● reducing the number of errors associated with the human factor;
● reducing the cost of purchasing paper, printing and preserving documents;
● reduction in the number of manual operations.

These benefits are also reported by companies that have successfully implemented and are using this technology.
Become EDI enabled smoothly with Dollar General Stores and Big Rock Sports with simple steps. We as an EDI service provider can help you easily setup with Big Rock Sports and to reap the maximum benefits out of your business. Ours is a secure, affordable and cloud-based EDI solution to easily become compliant with both Dollar General Stores and Big Rock Sports.
The company uses the following types of EDI messages: orders, shipment notifications, acceptance notifications, electronic invoices. These documents are generated and processed in electronic format. The advantage of EDI is the rejection of manual data entry. As a result, the time spent on updating the assortment is reduced and the work with documentation is simplified as much as possible.

Required Transaction Type for compliance with Dollar General Store EDI

● EDI 810 Invoice
● EDI 850 Purchase Order
● EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement

Required Transaction Type for compliance with Big Rock Sports EDI

EDI 850 Purchase Order
EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement
● EDI 856 Advance Shipment Notice
EDI 810 Invoice

The EDI system from Cogential IT is a modern integrated solution for electronic document management between suppliers and retail chains.
The electronic data exchange system allows you to automate the creation, sending, receiving and processing of any electronic documents and integrate them with the existing accounting systems of companies. In addition, EDI technology allows you to make the necessary corrections to documents online and transfer them instantly.
There are two options for using EDI: via a web interface or full integration of this solution into the existing accounting system of the company. The first option is convenient because you can work with it from any device and from any place where there is Internet.
The full integration of EDI into an existing accounting system is ideal for organizations that frequently exchange documents with their business partners. The transmitted information is always accurate, error-free and up-to-date, and the data exchange time is minimal. Integration not only makes the preparation and analysis of documents extremely easy and understandable, but also improves the overall quality of work with the entire retail network.

The main advantages of integration are as follows:
● Work with documentation and full control of the entire turnover (order / delivery / invoice) directly in your accounting system (for example 1C).
● The ability to completely refuse to enter data manually, and as a result, eliminate errors, one way or another related to the human factor.
● Document processing times are reduced by 80%.
● Maximum efficiency from the translation of documentation into electronic format.

Especially for users of the Big Rock Sports and Data General Stores EDI requirement, Cogential IT a renowned EDI services provider has prepared a special boxed solution that allows you to accept orders and prepare documents for delivery within the finished accounting system. Users of other accounting systems (SAP, MS Dynamics, Oracle, etc.) can easily integrate through the API.

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