10 Feb 2021


Easily Manage Your Trading Partners with EDI Solution - Cogentialit

Easily Manage Your Trading Partners with EDI Solution - Cogentialit

Easily manage your trading partners with EDI solution

Have you ever wondered if your business is ready for the digital age? Are you looking to smoothen your relationship and connect more effectively with your trading partners? Cogential IT with their team of professionals can help you understand and have a more complete approach to this concept.

Electronic Data Interchange improves business relationships because it speeds up the processes carried out between companies and ensures the accuracy of the information exchanged. And with our cloud-based EDI solution you can take your EDI program to the next level and yield maximum benefits out of it.

It is common for large customers to have sophisticated EDI systems that help them efficiently manage and automate all phases of buying and selling products.We investigate each of the phases of the buying-selling cycle from the supplier's point of view to identify what makes EDI such a successful system. With our experience in the field, we provide you a complete environment that will meet all your expectations. Below we have tried to simplify the concept for you so that before you start the ride towards hassle-free and reliable connection with EDI partners.

Purchase order

The receipt of purchase orders as well as the response to it are necessary as an acknowledgment of the client's request.An electronic information exchange system allows to receive orders quickly with precise information on what the customer wants and when he wants to have it.Receiving purchase orders at the moment allows the areas of the company involved to prepare to plan, produce, pack and ship; this is only possible if it is done electronically. We with our team of professional under a single roof will ensures that nothing goes wrong.

Shipments and receptions

Advance shipping notices let customers know that their order is on its way so that the order receiving and logistics areas get ready to make this a fast and efficient process.This electronic document contains information about the products, the quantity, the way in which they were packed and other relevant information for the customers.

Billing and payments

An overdue portfolio can wear down any type of business relationship. The invoices document provides customers with the necessary information to make the payment even before the billing process.The loss of invoices is minimized because a good EDI system tells you whether or not the customer received the invoice sent and whether it was accepted or rejected.This is where Cogential IT Cloud based EDI solution provides you a step ahead against your competitors by keeping everything right in track and easily accessible.

Why choose Cogential IT EDI solution to connect with trading partners?

● With our years of experience and profound knowledge of EDI we can provide you the best and easy solution.

● We guarantee a complete elimination of operational process.

● Improvement of the competitiveness of the company that adopts it.

● Follows leading edge technology and procedures to smoothen your relationship with trading partners.

Stop wondering now and give us a call and get experts handle your EDI relationship with your respective trading partners. We assure you that we can solves those headaches that happen between commercial chains and their large suppliers. Send and receive EDI documents easily and quickly, our platform allows you to reconcile each of the documents exchanged in your commercial transactions so that you have total control and management of your information.

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