24 Sep 2023


Complete EDI Solution for ANSI X12 Transactions

Complete EDI Solution for ANSI X12 Transactions

Complete EDI Solution for ANSI X12 Transactions

ANSI X12 for its acronym in English is American National Standards Institute X12 (American National Standards Institute X12) and refers to the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) standard developed in 1979 by the ANSI subsidiary Accredited Standards Committee (ASC)

The goal of ANSI X12 is to standardize standards for inter-industry electronic interchange of business documents, primarily EDI. ANSI X12 is a global set of rules for intercompany electronic data exchange between two EDI business partners.

By defining uniform segments and elements that describe the information in the electronic file and that are used for a wide variety of business documents (such as invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, etc.), a common standard (ANSI X12) was invented.

With our EDI software or an EDI cloud solution from Cogential IT, you can convert any EDI data format that is on the market, adjusting to your needs. With our EDI solution companies can handle all sets of transactions in X12 formats and can easily exchange EDI documents with their trading partners.

Since the ANSI X12 standard was very comprehensive and can cover almost all business transactions and all vertical industries, subgroups (so-called ASC subcommittees) soon emerged. By creating so-called subsets, the messages are grouped together and therefore easier to understand. Cogential IT cloud based EDI solution will help you automate both file upload and download and transform files in any required format to smoothen the work flow.


The Accredited Standards Committee is divided into the following ASC subcommittees:

X12C - Communications and controls

X12F - Finance

X12I - Transportation

X12J - Technical evaluation

X12M - Supply chain

X12N - Insurance

ANSI X12 Message Types


The following are the main ANSI X12 messages, each type of message is identified by a 3-digit code number:

EDI 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender- Transaction Set

EDI 210 Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice

EDI 214 Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message

EDI 753 Request for Routing Instructions

EDI 754 Routing Instructions

EDI 810 Invoice Transaction Set

EDI 820 Payment order (Payment order / EFT)

EDI 830 Planning program (Delivery forecast)

EDI 832 Prices / Sales catalog (Price / Sales catalog)

EDI 846 Inventory (Inventory inquiy / Advice)

EDI 850 Purchase order

EDI 852 Product Activity Data

EDI 855 Confirmation of receipt of purchase order (Purchase order acknowledgment)

EDI 856 Ship notice / ASN

EDI 860 Purchase order change

EDI 862 Shipping schedule (Delivery Just-in-Time / JIT)

EDI 997 Functional acknowledgment

Staying Current With EDI ANSI X12

One thing that is very common among customers is that they think they must have the latest updates of EDI ANSI X12 standard for a steady workflow with their trading partners. This is certainly a myth, you will be surprised to know that even some of renowned retailers and trading partners are using still a previous yet stable version of EDI ANSI X12. Good thing is at Cogential IT you get thousands of pre-specified ready to help trading partner mapping kit to get started from both local or cloud-based EDI.

With more and more retailers are choosing EDI over XML, EDI ANSI X12 will be certainly the preferred method of exchanging transaction data. However, you don’t have to be worried as our experts are ready to handle all your transaction.

Cogential IT solution helps you with any B2B/ EDI integration to meet the ANSI X12 requirements of small, medium and multinational companies, for any industry. To find the right solution for your needs, contact us.

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