13 Aug 2021


Choosing the Best Customize Edi Solution Provider

Choosing the Best Customize Edi Solution Provider


Constant purchases / shipments, even for a limited list of nomenclatures, are accompanied by the execution of many documents. If there are thousands of positions and hundreds of suppliers, working with paper takes a lot of resources. The high probability of error exacerbates the problem.

However, with the help of a reliable EDI solution provider, you can completely get rid of paper, eliminate manual input and errors, optimize purchases and totally control all processes associated with them, without spending a lot of time on it.

There are 5 main steps that will help you choose a technology provider who can install a system that meets new business requirements and avoid discomfort during the migration to a new customize EDI.

First, it is necessary to honestly assess the experience of interaction with previous partners, indicate the most problematic areas, conduct a market research for such services and choose a system with those functional features that best meet the strategy of a particular company.

Next, you need to predict what tasks the business will face in the coming years, and whether the system will be able to meet them. This is not an easy task, but scalability will be the foundation for further improvement.

EDI is a system for exchanging information with partners, and when changing a solution, it is important to discuss its future architecture with them. If the IT structure of some partners does not support full customize EDI deployment, you can run a hybrid solution that includes an electronic document exchange system and a lightweight web platform with sufficient functionality. It is important that the conversion of EDI messages from one format to another is smooth.

Having chosen a solution, you need to understand how the migration will take place. Cogential IT recommends staged partner connectivity based on criteria such as transaction volume, collaboration density, location, and demographics. It is worth starting the transition with the main business partners with whom the company exchanges data most actively.

The last stage is setting up a monitoring system that will allow you to quickly track all stages of the migration process. By monitoring them, you can improve performance indicators immediately after the update.

Customize EDI Solution
Cogential IT - a cloud-based B2B EDI platform that provides high dynamics and reliability of communication between your company and its business partners. The platform allows the exchange of dozens of electronic messages in a variety of formats and is widely recognized as a highly practical and cost-effective solution. Cogential IT EDI system not only easily integrates with the existing IT structure of the company, but can also be implemented as a lightweight web-based solution with the maximum set of functions. This variability makes the migration to the new EDI system painless both for partners with a developed IT architecture and for relatively small companies whose technological structure is not sufficiently developed.

And regardless of the model you choose, you get effective management tools throughout the entire sales cycle, from order placement to delivery and actual payment. Increasing the number of partners, expanding the geography of the business, updating EDI-compatible solutions or changes in the regulations for the preparation of accompanying documents. The customize EDI solution at Cogential IT with support of traceability technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, is ready to respond to any changes in the global and internal structure of business processes.

The development of EDI systems continues, in the near future they will become even more efficient thanks to the support of artificial intelligence, machine learning technologies and blockchain. Interacting with an experienced EDI solution provider, the upgrade will be painless and will form the foundation for business development and more effective interaction with internal and external partners.

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