23 Sep 2023


BigCommerce EDI integration

BigCommerce EDI integration

Get more efficient with ease by integrating your company ERP system with popular e-commerce platforms such as Big Commerce. The BigCommerce EDI integration is simple to set up and helps automate various functions, such as taking orders online, updating products and inventory, and immediately delivering shipping information to customers. Your e-commerce system must be optimized to get the best possible experience on all possible platforms to get the best out of your sales.

Features and benefits of EDI for BigCommerce

Orders Management :Fulfill online orders directly from your ERP. Online orders will be validated through BigCommerce order management rules for picking up, packing and shipping the orders.

Inventory sync :Update inventory status in real time and manage your e-commerce inventory to maximize sales based on OTS or ATS.

Shipment / Fulfillment Notification :Automatically update the consumer once the order has been shipped.

Product Synchronization :Update product attributes, prices, and inventory levels for a better customer experience.

Real-time updates :Real-time data exchange between eCommerce and ERP improves revenue by capturing orders and fulfilling orders with available OTS / ATS data.

Management of Promotions and Discounts : Manage all variations of promotions and discounts of products online within the system.

Easy to Understand : Integrating BigCommerce with EDI is a simple and straight forward process and more importantly a affordable affair.

Common Transaction Set for BigCommerce EDI Integration

  • 810 EDI Invoice
  • 850 Purchase order
  • 856 Ship Notice
  • 812 EDI to Bigcommerce Debit/Credit Memo
  • 820 cash receipt
  • 855 Purchase order Acknowledgement
  • 860 Purchase order change request to Bigcommerce Sales Order
  • 944 warehouse shipping order
  • 945 warehouse shipping advice
  • Customized packing slip

BigCommerce EDI integration to work correctly, there are many things that have to happen in the right order at the right time. It is a complex process that requires perfect synchronization in a split second of many different data sources. Cogential IT knows how to make the system work from the start and keep it running smoothly. That's why we monitor all EDI transactions in real time, respond to any translation errors quickly and put permanent solutions for many translation errors even before they reach the EDI system.

We have the experience to tweak BigCommerce EDI integration services and ERP system to greatly improve performance. Our team will ensure that it is an inbound 204 order from the customer or an outbound 210 invoice, processed on time and acknowledgements sent back to complete the transaction cycle.

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Try the BigCommerce EDI integration solution for your e-commerce business for a few weeks and explore the possibilities it has to offer. We may be able to give a boost to your business or obligation to you.

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