8 Feb 2021


Best of Communication Protocols for EDI Exchange - Cogentialit

Best of Communication Protocols for EDI Exchange - Cogentialit

Best of Communication Protocols for EDI Exchange

Discover the language that surrounds the Electronic Information Exchange and what you should know for better communication with your business partners. We at Cogential IT offers you a handful ways of communication with your partners. Be it FTP, AS1, HTTP, SFTP or any communication protocols our proficient team can provide you the best of XML EDI integration.

In this article you will find:
● The best channels to send and receive EDI documents

● The most secure connections you can use for B2B document exchange

● The perfect platform that adapts to your business and you can start working with EDI


AS1 stands for Applicability Statement 1 and was developed by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)in order to provide reliable and secure communication via SMTP or S/MIME.

It was the firstprotocol AS and uses signature, encryption and conventions MDN (Message Disposition notifications) theseultimate refer to the ability to provide receipts.As in all document exchanges through AS protocols, the exchange ofinformation through an AS1 requires both sides of the communication to exchangeSSL certificates ASF as specified information about the business partner before anytransfer.

How to implement the EDI system and what is its cost?

The implementation of an electronic document flow system most often involves the need to integrate communication between the IT systems of entities willing to use this solution, although EDI systems are also available in the WEB version, which does not require integration with IT systems. To avoid potential problems, it is best to use one of the specialized solutions that are available on the market. This is where Cogential IT can provide you the support you’re looking for. We are known for our cutting edge technologies and how we competitively get out the best solution for your business.


Applicability Staternent 2 uses the same MDN signature, encryption, and conventions as AS1, howeverAS2 messages are sent over the internet using HTTP or HTTPS protocols.

The AS2 isit normally implements as a point-to-point connection6n as it offers many advantages such asgreater security is achieved through the use of digital receipts and signatures.

We at Cogential IT facilitate the exchange of XML or EDI via AS2 directly using the internet. Transactions and recognitions over an AS2 protocol occur in real time increasing the efficiency of document exchange.


The AS3 is based is a protocol whose security is above the AS2 protocol as it exchangesFTP information using standard MIME secure content types. This protocol operates undera client/server model and not point-to-point as in the case of AS2.

Unlike AS2, AS3 does not need to have an active connection on the part of the receiver to process theinformation.A protocol like this can bring many advantages to financial industry organizations,as well as other industries that decide to invest in FTP, applications and security.


FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a standard network protocol used to exchange andmanipulate files over a TCP / IP based network such as the internet.It is based on a client-server architecture and uses control connectionsand independent data between client and server applications.

Using the Cogential IT FTP server you can assure a seamless and secure transfer of information. Here we us FTP to transfer files within program to perform various internal functions


FTPS stands for File Transfer Secure Protocol and is an extension of the used FTP where it is addedsupport for the use of secure encrypted channels (TLS and SSL)FTPS is not the same as SFTP or secure FTP.


The Hypertext Transfer Protocol is used to request and transmit files over the web, especiallyweb pages and components of these. It is normally implemented over TCP / IP howeverit can be implemented on top of any other protocol on the Internet, or on other networks.

In this protocol web browsers usually act as clients, while an applicationrun on the computer hosting the website acted as a server.


HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure is a combination of HTTP and SSL/TLS protocol that providessecure server encryption and identification.HTTPS connections are used for payment transactions over the internet and for theexchange of confidential information in corporate business systems.


OFTP stands for Odette File Transfer Protocol and was developed to provide astandard communication in the European automotive industry, this protocol has been used since theeighties.Today we can find OFTP protocols in the retail sector, manufacturing, government,transportation as well as financial industry.

The OFTP protocol is very simple to use I can only consist of 14 commands which resultsin an extremely efficient protocol. OFTP was created to enable business wingscommunicate easily through point-to-point connections.

OFTP 2.0

OFTP 2.0 is the latest version of the OFTP protocol and was designed to be usedthrough the internet. This new version offers a number of advantages over the OFTP protocolwhich includes data compression, file encryption and exchange of digital certificates betweenbusiness partners.

OFTP2.0 allows handling of very large files and offers support for additional characters such asChinese and Japanese.

This protocol is mostly used in Europe, however as it is designed to operate throughinternet can help many business partners connect you around the world with each other.


Secure File Transfer Protocol is a network protocol that provides access to files, as well as theirtransfer and manage over any reliable data stream. It was designed as an ex-tension to Secure Shell protocol (SSH) 2.0

SFTP can be used in a number of different applications, such as secure transfer overTLS (Transport Layer Security) and geting information transfer within VPN applications.

This protocol assumes that it runs over a secure channel, such as SSH, that the server has already authenticated to the client and that the identity of the client user is available for the protocol.

Reach our experts at Cogential IT and smoothen your communication of XML and EDI data in a secure environment.

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