Cogential IT, LLC's managed service desk is equipped with staff 24/7 in the form of our technical experts

EDI Help center

EDI Help center

The Cogential IT managed service desk is equipped with staff 24/7 in the form of our technical experts who monitor the delivery as well as the processing of the messages, and proactively resolve the difficult issues.

Cogential IT, LLC, 30 N Gould St., Suite 3080, Sheridan, WY 82801

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The extensive and diverse nature of the EDI environment presents multiple possible points of failure outside that can be outside of your network. The Cogential IT experts and help desk support monitors each of the issues and points and the arising issues to resolve them effectively.
Our help centre makes available standard technical support along with the proactive identification of message validation errors, updates for application, ongoing maintenance as well as the liaison with the trading partners for rectifying the external issues. Being a market leading managed EDI Service provider, we are always bound by a Service Level Agreement which asks for or demands the proactive measures we take actively and regularly to ensure the smooth running of your Business. We do so while ensuring both that each of the parties are exactly aware of what they can expect from each other going forward.

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Cogential IT Services is focused on providing our customers with a best in class B2B EDI solution. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and using leading edge technology to link our customers with their trading communities.
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